An Evening With The Presidents

'An Evening with the Presidents' is a fun-filled, 60-minute program that combines the masterful voice impressions of political humorist Bill Mellberg with the remarkable musical talent of pianist Kent Wehman. During a typical presentation, your audience will meet some 50 famous personalities -- from the current occupant of The White House to past presidents, presidential wannabes, movie stars and famous singers
(including an unforgettable rendition of Louis Armstrong singing "What A Wonderful World").

'The Presidents' have been appearing before audiences all across the United States and Canada for more than 30 years. From Richard Nixon to George W. Bush, Bill Mellberg has been poking clean, good-natured fun at our leaders and the stories in the news: on-stage, on television and on radio. He wrote and starred in two nationally broadcast PBS specials called 'An Evening with the Presidents.' And he's been a regular on radio in the Midwest for more than a decade. Mellberg has made hundreds of personal appearances, from corporate events and association banquets, to chamber of commerce dinners and Regimental Dinners for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He also performed at the White House on several occasions.

Kent Wehman has been providing the music for 'The Presidents' since he and Bill Mellberg first appeared on-stage together in a high school variety show in 1968. He was the Musical Director for their PBS television specials, and has accompanied 'The Presidents' on numerous nationwide radio broadcasts, as well. Wehman is also known for the ear-pleasing background music that he plays during receptions and dinner hours prior to each 'presidential' program.

Bill and Kent will add a touch of class -- and tons of fun -- to your next function. Moreover, each of their tailor-made programs ends on a positive, motivational note. To learn (and hear) more about The Presidents, please enter our website ... and enjoy your visit!